About Us

About Us


Sharon Bayne – Owner

Sharon has worked in the advertising industry for 30 years dealing with a wide variety of clients. She has an undeniable passion about working with her clients to deliver compelling, innovative and results driven campaigns.

Her gratification comes from seeing the positive impact her efforts provide to her clients in terms of improving the overall efficiencies of their media campaigns and delivering positive Results for them on Budget and on Time.

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Why Strategic Media Solutions:


We understand that as Business Owners, Marketing Directors you are super busy and are accountable for your marketing spends.

We also understand that it’s a┬ávery confusing time for Marketers. Knowing where you should be advertising given the various changes unfolding daily in the media landscape is a daunting task.

Our clients love the fact that we have years of experience and quality research tools/accountability reports that alleviate the guesswork plus use an unbiased, honest, transparent approach to provide them with targeted, affordable services.

Our clients also have peace of mind in knowing that we have all of the bases covered off to help them achieve their marketing goals through our One Stop Shop platform so they can get everything that they need by consistently dealing with one experienced Media Consultant only.

Everything we do for your business involves strategic planning, thinking and accountability.

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