10 Benefits of Working With a Media/Marketing Consultant

10 Benefits of Working With a Media/Marketing Consultant

10 Benefits of Working With a Media/Marketing Consultant

1. Specialized Expertise

This is a major reason why Media/Marketing Consultants are sought out and valued by their clients – an organization needs the special expertise that is scarce, or non-existent in their own company. Media/Marketing Consultants often have 20+ years of experience in their industry and stay up to date on the latest trends. To find someone with expertise comparable to a Media/Marketing Consultant, most companies would need to hire a senior level employee, at a senior level salary. Finding that person can be like trying to find a needle in a hay stack.

2. Experience

If we’re comparing hiring a Media/Marketing Consultant to hiring a junior level employee, there is no comparison. When you hire a reputable Media/Marketing Consultant you can be confident that he or she knows what to do and will get it done. When you try to save money, by hiring an employee with little experience, it’s like paying someone to learn as they go, with your brand as the guinea pig.

3. Objectivity

Let’s face it, with anything in life it sometimes takes someone from the outside looking in to see what’s wrong. Your employees may have a vested interest in “what you’re doing now”….because they do it. But, if it’s not working well, a Media/Marketing Consultant can be that valuable third party to look at things without attachment and tell you “what needs to happen”, and “why”. Bringing in a Media/Marketing Consultant is a great way to breath new life into your marketing efforts and make sure you have a strategy that works, not just a process that happens because “that’s what we’ve always done”.

4. Time, Cost Savings

A Media/Marketing Consultant’s expertise can also save you money. As a business owner or Marketing Director you are approached by sales people all the time. Your unbiased Media/Marketing Consultant is a trusted go-to person. Based on understanding your business, a Media/Marketing Consultant can tell you what to turn away and what to consider.

5. Productive

According to recent stats .. it takes a new employee about 6.2 months to reach 100% productivity. Media Consultants with Marketing experience are pretty much 100% productive from the get-go. We don’t need to ‘learn the job’, you’re hiring us because we already know the job, and can hit the ground running. Media/Marketing Consultants are self-starters and experts at jumping in and getting a job done without hand-holding. Yes, we need to learn about your company, but that’s the cost of entry to anyone being able to recommend the most strategic plan of action. We have worked in the industry for many years with various senior management accounts locally, regionally and nationally. We have helped businesses from the Full Service Agency side, Media Buying Agency side, Independent Media/Marketing Consultant side. We simply know the questions to ask and from whom to get you the results that you need.

7. No HR Issues

A Media/Marketing Consultant is not an employee, and therefore you are completely free of all the HR headaches, and costs, that come into play when you hire someone. This includes recruiting, turn-over, training and orientation, vacation coverage, payroll, sick time, stress leave, paper work, personal days, mat leave and continued education, just to name a few.

7. No Overhead

A Media/Marketing Consultant already has an office and all the equipment I need to get the job done (laptop, printer, stationery, computer programs, etc.). When hiring a new employee all of this, and more, must be provided by your company. Ongoing training and staff development is another time and cost consideration of hiring an employee. Recently employees spent 32 hours per year on training; that’s almost a week of lost productivity in addition to the hard cost of that training. A Media/Marketing Consultant arranges their own training, on their own time and dollar.

8. Tax Deductions

Like the salaries you pay your employees, the investment you make in a Media/Marketing Consultant is a full tax deductable expense for your business. The GST you pay on this expense is an Input Tax Credit that you get back in the form of savings when your accountant files your GST..

9. Efficiency

Media/Marketing Consultants are ideal when an organization has a one-off marketing project, on a tight timeline. It needs to be executed quickly and efficiently. There is no time for a lengthy hiring and orientation process. The Media/Marketing Consultant knows when the contract will be over and your organization avoids the obligations that can come with hiring an employee. We are your one point of contact and work you’re your creative, digital, social experts (or ours as required) to be time efficient and to ensure that your marketing efforts are integrated.

10. Relationships

Strategic Media Solutions has the long-term relationships established with leading Creative, Social/Digital, Promotions experts and can utilize our contacts to help as required get the job done efficiently, on time and on budget. We have years of agency experience, the solid data that will alleviate any confusion re your media buying decisions and have strong ex agency connections established to ensure that your campaign will deliver Results at an affordable rate. Please call me today to setup an appointment to meet and address where you can benefit the most by utilizing Strategic Media Solutions’ services to support your business’ advertising needs.

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