Media Audits

Media Audits


Understanding if you are making the right media choices to reach to reach your goals cost efficiently is the function of Media Audits. Strategic Media Solutions is able to provide an objective review of past activities or plans to ensure marketing objectives are being met and opportunities to leverage budgets are never missed.

Our FREE Media Audit consists of a brief examination of your current plans (traditional/digital), your contracts, and your messaging to assess if/where improvements should be made. 


Target your audience more effectively.


Improve on your ROI


Find new opportunities and platforms to reach your audience.

Arrange a FREE media audit today!

Our media auditing capabilities provide you with an evaluation that truly reflects your brand and the specific buying needs of your business. We have developed processes that help identify areas for improvement. An important part of our media audit process is understanding the very different trading environments in which different media exists. We have the skills and ability in using data-led insights, to help keep you abreast of all the changes in the marketplace.

Our commitment to transparency and customized auditing means that you can be confident that every single media deal will be negotiated in your best interests.

    Media Audit FAQ’s

    What's involved with a media audit?

    We arrange an initial discovery session (usually about 40 mins) where we help to pinpoint where your biggest marketing wins might be.

    At the end of the session, you’ll receive a roadmap that will outline the key focus areas that will help you generate better results from your marketing expenditure.

    What happens if the audit doesn't uncover any new insights?

    We’ve worked with hundreds of business in our 33 year history. We’re sure that in the 40min discovery session we’ll find something to help improve your marketing efforts.

    If not, and you’re already doing everything you should be, we’ll let you know! Our philosophy is one of honesty and transparency. We’ll never try to sell you media services you don’t need.

    What does the media audit focus on?

    The audit is designed to focus on the following;

    • What does your current marketing mix look like? What’s working? What isn’t working?
    • What are your key media objectives
    • What’s holding you back from meeting those objectives? (Gap analysis)
    • Analysis of your current media plan and media buying process.
    • Delivery of key insights and recommendations on how you can save money and make your advertising dollars work harder for you.

    Is the 40 mins worth the time?

    Absolutely, a media audit will provide you with insights and answers to all your of your media-related questions and provide you with a roadmap for reaching new business while minimizing your marketing costs.

    Industry Partners

    During our 33 year history, we’ve developed strong, long-lasting relationships with industry-leading partners

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